Blended learning with 1:1 Coaching

Just finished two day off site with the Poppulo CS leadership team. Day one was team coaching facilitated by Geraldine Bracken who did an amazing job of delivering insights on the dynamic of the team and how we can leverage all of our skills to improve team performance.

Peter Lyon

The Elanova team insights report allows me to see our collective strength & weaknesses and how we tend to act as a group. It has truly transformed us as a team and given us the ability to be open and understanding of each other. We don’t get stuck on the little things anymore!

Stephanie Sheehan

When Paradox identified my strengths it made me more confident in my ability to take the next step. By identifying my areas for further development it made me aware of them and
how I can control and develop them. This made me a more complete leader.

M. Irvine

Keynote Workshops

Elanova design workshops and modules and blend with 1:1 coaching to impact behavioural change. We complement an organisation's training and development initiatives.

When clients engage Elanova in blended workshops and development coaching this is where the magic happens. Individuals and Leaders get bespoke development programmes. The HR Leadership and Senior Leadership team can gain insights into gaps in behaviours, communication, and engagement across the organisation. Predictive people analytics help Leaders make informed decisions.

Paradox Workshop

Leadership and senior management workshop. Barriers and paradoxical behaviours are identified. Clear goals are established. Explore the dynamics of interpersonal skills, self and team achievement and leadership through this workshop.

Impact & Influence

Are impact and influence necessary for your managers and leadership team?

We measure the traits required for impact and influence and provide a half-day workshop to begin the development which is followed by 1:1 coaching.


We assess your communication style and give practical guidance on developing forthright communication.

We measure your bandwidth to receiving communication.


We measure growth-mindset and develop the mindset in our development workshops for Emerging and Senior Leaders. Participants identify thinking patterns that are holding them back.

We measure the current growth mindset and provide a tailored development plan with 1:1 follow-up coaching.

Driving Performance with empathy

Driving the performance of teams is a delicate balance of enforcing necessary rules with warmth/empathy. Lacking either of these a manager/leader can be harsh or lenient with staff.

Develop your effectiveness as a leader

Two full-day workshops with tailored modules to help your leaders develop their effectiveness as leaders. The first day is understanding self and will incorporate Traits and Definitions report and the Paradox report. Choose from a variety of short modules including communication, performance management, growth mindset. The workshops are followed by three or six 1:1 coaching sessions.