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Peter Lyon - VP Customer Success, Poppulo


Group Paradox - Team Dynamics Workshop

Just finished two day off site with the Poppulo CS leadership team. Day one was team coaching facilitated by Geraldine Bracken who did an amazing job of delivering insights on the dynamic of the team and how we can leverage all of our skills to improve team performance.

Head of Business Development

"Brilliant - I have been introduced to a lot of personality tests but this one by far was the most valuable and in-depth programme. It allowed you to really evaluate your competency areas against the current role you are in professionally which I found interesting, especially considering I recently moved roles. While the reports have been invaluable and the development plan encourages you to write down your goals and thoughts, it was really the openness and sincerity of the coach that allowed me to grow in this process. Each session was personal and I felt open to discuss challenges both personally and professionally."

Stephanie Sheehan - VP of Operations, Poppulo


I worked with Geraldine from Elanova in my roles as Director of Engineering and as Vp of Operations at Poppulo and I can only describe the experience as transformational.

Geraldine's technical knowledge and understanding of how software companies run, along with the psychometric tests and paradox reports gave me an insight and understanding of myself and, myself within the system of an organisation, that I simply didn’t see before.

With Geraldine's help I was able to understand my strengths and weaknesses, and the impact on me and my team when I am feeling under pressure. Geraldine helped me to build the tools I needed to understand, cope and adapt to be a better leader and a better person.

As a result I make sure that everyone on my team works with Geraldine. I share my paradox report with my team and encourage them to share with me. The Elanova team insights report allows me to see our collective strength & weaknesses and how we tend to act as a group. It has truly transformed us as a team and given us the ability to be open and understanding of each other. We don’t get stuck on the little things anymore!

Geraldine’s approach and toolkit is an absolute must for anyone in a leadership position or anyone trying to understand their own professional path. Her hands on practical approach and generosity with her time is fabulous. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. If you have the opportunity to work with her, grab it. It will change your life!

Leadership Development and Talent Management Consultant

"Elanova worked with us to help us strengthen our Leadership team succession planning. By building role profiles and utilising insightful profiling and effective 121 coaching sessions we were able to explore the suitability of the participants for roles and develop targeted personal development plans to speed up their readiness for more senior roles. Geraldine’s experience and approach lent much credibility to the programme and ... our senior HR business partner was delighted with the success of the programme."

E. Walsh

"Revelatory. A sort of benchmark of my own potential and abilities, whenever I feel stuck or lost I can refer to the booklets to check my previous competencies, scores. That will
help me when I need it."

M. Irvine

“When Paradox identified my strengths it made me more confident in my ability to take the next step. By identifying my areas for further development it made me aware of them and
how I can control and develop them. This made me a more complete leader.”

E. Henderson

"Sheena has a warm and friendly personality so I felt immediately at ease in her company. I came away with a deeper understanding of myself after every session with her. She gave
tangible methods to use in areas I struggled with. I can't recommend this programme more, it has positively influenced my professional development and more."

Sales Director

"I thought the Paradox Report was brilliant. The way it displays feedback graphically is very powerful and insightful. I was able to identify immediately with many of its findings and some of them almost shocked me! This was very important for my own leadership development."


"Very positive experience. The avenue to stretch your thinking, and understand your own behaviours, and those around you , and the combined impact that can have on a team/company good feedback, and positive interaction."

O. McW

"Excellent programme, gave me practical steps to incorporate into my working life
and personal life."

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