Talent Development

Improves Productivity and Engagement

Developing Talent

Personal development for Employees and Leadership is a key component in retaining staff. Employee's expectations are high, we can pinpoint development areas for employees and Leadership that are directly related to their current or future role.


Right Person, Right Role

Using the The Job Success Analysis Report it can provide key insights into role placement for the individual. The report measures and compares an individual's behaviours and traits to specific job criteria and indicates their probability of success. It provides essential data needed to inform promotional decisions or lateral moves within the organisation. The report identifies the individual's development needs for the specific role.


Performance Development

Utilising Paradox Technology™

The Paradox Report provides key insights into paradoxical behaviours that can either help or hinder success. It identifies strengths in behaviours and counter-productive behaviours. The graphs and narrative show how the individual operates under normal conditions and how they react under pressure or stress.

We take the guesswork out of the saying "That was totally out of character".


Behavioural Competency Analysis

The Behavioural competency reports compare an individual's behaviours to the behaviours needed for specific types of competencies.

There are also Leadership competencies, Emotional Intelligence competencies and Collaboration competencies available.

We can customise any competencies to align with the culture and values of your organisation.


Development Plans

For Role or Competency

Our Development Plans can be generated for a Specific Role or Competency.
The report identifies key gaps related to job success or behavioural competency development and provides clear and practical employee development plans that target their specific development needs. These plans are tailored to a selected job or behavioural competency and give step by step exercises to develop an employee's required capability.


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Coaching And Workshops


Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

We provide the best bespoke leadership development training.


Emerging Leaders

Identify and develop High Potential talent and Emerging Leaders.



Customised and modular workshops. Build talent development workshops into your current training schedule.