People Analytics

and Group Insights to inform decisions

Predictive Analytics

Award-Winning Assessments

Elanova are an Authorised Solution Partner of Harrison Assessments. The award winning Harrison Assessments provide comprehensive people analytics to help drive people and business decisions.

  • Who is disengaged?
  • Who is a flight risk?
  • Who is an Emerging Leader?


Harrison Assessments as featured in


Harrison Assessments features as one of the Top 10 Leadership Development Solution Providers 2018 by HRTech Outlook.


Harrison Assessments International is the 2015 recipient of two prestigious Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards in the categories of Candidate Assessment Technology and Succession Planning.

Group Insights

We turn people analytics into actionable insights

Elanova differs from other assessment and coaching providers by getting to know your people through coaching and analytics. At Senior Management level, insights are needed. We assess the talent capacity of the group or at organisation level, this helps with capacity planning, engagement and succession planning.

Does the organisation need the next hire to have strategic acumen or strong persuasive skills?

Without analytics and measurement, it is impossible to assess. We take the guesswork out and provide you with deep and meaningful insights and recommendations.

Group Paradox and Team Insights Workshop

Just finished two day off site with the Poppulo CS leadership team. Day one was team coaching facilitated by Geraldine Bracken who did an amazing job of delivering insights on the dynamic of the team and how we can leverage all of our skills to improve team performance.

Peter Lyon - VP Customer Success, Poppulo


Helping you develop your effectiveness as a leader

  • Can your Leadership team speak up?
  • Are your staff and management Engaged?
  • How can you engage and retain your high performers?

Group Insights of Leadership Team

  • Are the Leaders driving performance effectively with empathy?
  • Are the Leaders providing clear direction and accountability?
  • Can your Leaders effectively manage stress?

Leadership Reports


Group Paradox

  • The Team Paradox methodology provides the common language needed to create clarity and functional diversity
  • Facilitates effective communication and collaborative decision-making


  • Analyzes strong characteristics and reveals which ones have hidden derailers
  • Inspires behavioural change by providing insights into the necessary balancing behaviours and values

Leadership Analysis

  • Each of the ten leadership competencies enable leaders to better understand the impact they have on their organization through mapping a full range of their success behaviours, as well as their derailers, for each leadership competency

Engagement Reports


Individual Engagement & Retention Report

Measures eight areas of expectations. Is Work Life balance more important than High Pay? Is showing appreciation for the person's work important. We have the answers. The assessment also measures the employee's perceived level of fulfillment at regular intervals.


Team & Organisation Engagement & Retention

At a higher level whether it is at team or across the organisation we have an assessment that measures the eigth areas and shows the dispersion of results. The results can inform and impact policies within the company. What is most important to all of your employees?