Engage & Retain Talent

An engaged workforce is a productive workforce


Engagement will increase Job Satisfaction, positively impact the culture and more importantly the bottom line.

Can you afford not to measure the engagement of your employees?

Measuring the intrinsic factors of an employee's expectations and motivators can assist line managers to have timely conversations to engage and retain the employee. Analysis will assist HR and L&D functions to drive engagement and retention strategies based on hard data.


Engagement Reports


Individual Engagement & Retention Report

Measures eight areas of expectations. Is Work Life balance more important than High Pay? Is showing appreciation for the person's work important. We have the answers. The assessment also measures the employee's perceived level of fulfillment at regular intervals.


Team & Organisation Engagement & Retention

At a higher level whether it is at team or across the organisation we have an assessment that measures the eigth areas and shows the dispersion of results. The results can inform and impact policies within the company. What is most important to all of your employees?

Measures The Eight Areas

Of Engagement & Retention expectations

  • Development Expectations

  • Remuneration Expectations

  • Authority Expectations

  • Social Expectations
  • Appreciation Expectations

  • Communications Expectations

  • Personal Expectations

  • Work-Life Balance Expectations