Emerging Leaders

Identify and Develop Talent

Emerging Leaders programme

The benefits:

  • Develop thinking patterns which channel stress positively
  • Identify barriers to success
  • Take ownership of your development
  • Review your situation, skills and strengths
  • Develop a plan to encourage your team’s productive behaviour, and encourage transparent communication
  • Develop your coaching skills, and learn how to give practical feedback to your team

We forensically assess your Emerging Leaders.

Whether the organisation's objective is to impact the culture of the organisation or improve the emotional intelligence and humility of your leaders. We can help.

Develop Emerging Leaders in line with the organisation's values

We develop a tailored programme that will impact and improve the performance of each individual. Build a “growth-mindset” and encourage this within your team.

Helping Emerging Leaders develop their effectiveness.

Tailored development plans are put in place for individuals.

Invidual coaching sessions encourage personal accountability for development.


We measure growth-mindset and develop the mindset in our development workshop for Emerging Leaders. Participants identify thinking patterns that are holding them back.

We measure the current growth mindset and provide a tailored development plan with 1:1 follow-up coaching.

Driving Performance with empathy

Driving the performance of teams is a delicate balance of enforcing necessary rules with warmth/empathy. Lacking either of these a manager/leader can be harsh or lenient with staff.

Emerging Leadership Analysis

Leadership Analysis and the Paradox report will highlight strengths and areas for development. Developing your Leadership traits and behaviours is an ongoing process. Develop yourself and learn from other Leaders who inspire you. We tailor coaching and workshops for Emerging Leaders.

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