Coaching & Analytics

Improves performance

We develop people

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

We design Executive Coaching and Leadership Development programmes to meet the needs of individual leaders. Helping you develop the effectiveness of the organisation's leaders.

Emerging Leaders

Successful organisations develop leaders from the ground up. Identify and develop High Performancce and Emerging Leaders. Predictive analytics help identify the traits and behaviours that will fit the culture of the organisation.


Complete talent management and people analytics at your fingertips. Paradox analysis identifies strengths and potential derailers under pressure and stress. With employee wellbeing so critical in an organisation, developing people's resilience and management of stress can help.

Getting the right person and cultural fit can be a daunting task. We make this easier using robust award winning assessment technology which measures over 175 factors. This is not a personality inventory.

People Analytics & Insights

How can you be sure what you need without measuring and analysing data?

Making the right decisions in hiring, promotion and succession planning is easier when you have thr right insights and data.

Build Leadership capacity and capability using analytics that will help you forge the best Leadership team identifying gaps in behavioural traits. Do you need a risk taker? Do you need someone who can challenge group thinking?


Modular and Bepoke

We help organisations with


Hiring and Selection

Over 175+ factors are assessed in a 20-minute online assessment. The assessment is job specific. Receive a Job Success Analysis report and interview guide to help you hire the right person for the role.


Measure the Enagagement & Retention factors of the organisation, gain insights with comprehensive people analytics at your fingertips.


Succession Planning

Identify role successors aligned with the organisation's future objectives.